2019 October 

CD/Vinyl Project


Crowdfunding project for new album

Nearly 20 years ago, I started a long-term project called “The Musical Survey of Europe by a Native”. It is a concept that represents the poetic contours and their creative resonances from different European regions.

Meanwhile, I have set to music some timeless poetry from many countries, and now I have arrived in Italy.

I want to record a CD with the mezzo-soprano Stella Grigorian, which will mainly feature poets of the Renaissance, such as Tarquinia Molza, her poetic admirer Torquato Tasso, Anibale Caro or Vittoria Colonna, the aristocratic lady who was a friend of Michelangelo. But you can also listen to a contemporary poem by Michelino de ‘Medici, whose literary thought will be found on this recording. From all these different verses I make songs that are exclusive accompanied by guitar.

My art challenges the one who wants to enter. It requires mindfulness and silence, that is, all the qualities of orgiastic silence in the guise of quite understandable forms, in order to come to the longed-for rendezvous with the horizon that can actually be achieved, but still arises again and again. Panta rhei – everything is moving.

If you like the project, just support it. That will be possible here on our page and it will be worthwhile in many ways.

Forwarding to crowdfunding project:

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