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La Stella ed io

15March, 2021 CD-ProjectA few words about ‘La Stella ed io‘I had now arrived in Italy with my long-term project 'The musical surveying of Europe by a native'. I decided to use mostly poems from the Renaissance, especially those by women who are hardly noticed to this day, but whose artistic value is beyond question. In order to make the interpretation of my compositons as graceful as possible, I tailored it entirely to the artistic talent of the Armenian-Georgian opera singer Stella...

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A Part of You

15 March, 2021 CD-Project A few words about ‘A Part of You‘‘A Part of You‘ is a new edition of the recording of my first CD with vocals, which originally is more than 20 years old. The Armenian Stella Grigorian, then as now a grandious mezzo-soprano, gave the various language songs to the guitar a special, quite noble shine. So I set French, German, Austrian and Spanish poets from the present and the near and far past to music. I also included 5 songs by the English Renaissance composer...

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The Malcolm Lowry Project | CD reviews

12 October, 2017 CD-Project The Malcolm Lowry Project "Songs between heaven and hell" The first reviews of the new CD The first reviews of the new CD "Songs Between Heaven And Hell" have been published in the press: CONCERTO MAGAZINE 5/2017 Polansky's musical realization of Malcolm Lowry's poems is a furious one .... the multi-talented guitarist allows rough sides and edges to flow into the songs .... Polansky is accompanied by fantastic and talented musicians .... The music includes many...

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The Malcolm Lowry Project

20 Mai, 2017 CD-Project Projekt VI / England (2017) The Malcolm Lowry Project – Songs between heaven and hell (English version only)Thoughts on the development of the project ‘Songs between heaven and hell’ 14 years ago I started looking into the tonal specificities of different European regions. I called this project “The musical surveying of Europe by a native”. Hungary was the first country to which I paid my artistic attention. I composed songs based upon poetry by Endre Ady, and...

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De la curiosité du silence

21 Juni, 2015 CD-Project Project V: France 'De la curiosité du silence' - French songs Alfred Polansky set to music poems by L'Anselme, Char, Dimey, Godel, Labé, Nerval, Mercoeur, Musset, Rimbaud, Verlaine, Villon, Vilmorin Claire Tudela & Claire Parizot, voice Angelika Moskal, violin Janina Schedy, accordion Alfred Polansky, guitar   The CD 'De la curiosité du silence' was released in June 2015 ('Avantart' Club Edition). About this project: "... Built close to art songs, timeless,...

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The singer in the rye

18 March, 1998 CD-Project "The singer in the rye" "The Musical Survey of Europe by a Native" My long-term project "The Singer in the Rye" is about poetic contours and their creative resonances. For many years I have been taking the melodic characters of various European regions as starting point for my reflections. I created subtle-sounding landscape paintings, as are the songs of the rivers and meadows, of the mountains and plains, yes, beside of many cultural calls also the entire flora...

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